Agile development and Scrum is our preferred method of developing software here at logicline. One of the roles in the Scrum model is the Product Owner. This is an important role, as he or she defines what to develop – and typically, at least in our business, this role should be hold by our customer.

Now, nearly all of our customers are aware of agile development methods, at least they have heard of … But as the Product Owner’s role is so important and it also influences the project and the way of working together we always try to ensure that our customer knows what we expect from him and how he can „control“ our common agile projects.

Thanks to Henrik Kniberg there’s a nicely animated and very compact 15 minute video: He talks about Agile software development from the perspective of the Product Owner and you’ll get some basic knowledge about Agile Product Ownership in a nutshell. The video was published back in 2012, but it is still up to date and to the point. Excellent.

You may find more publications from Henrik on his website, and a full transcript of the video in the corresponding blog article. Here it is: