Internet of Things has been a major technological topic the last few years and still is.

But what is Internet of Things actually about?

Connect your devices to the internet and then … what?

At logicline our approach goes at least one step further. It is not about connecting your devices to the internet – well, of course you need to connect them to the internet at some point! The main focus is however in improved business processes or – ideally – added business value.

By saying that, we challenge and invite you to rethink together your business processes. Not just connect the devices to the internet because it’s fancy. But understand why and where to use it.

How is that possible?

Step 1: Understand your business processes

Lean principles and processes are core values of logicline. The first step to make your business processes lean is to identify and define these exact business processes, identify and define the steps that build these processes. Pretty simple, right?

However, this may not be as simple as it sounds. Business processes tend to become complex and wasteful as years are passing by, because nobody tries to understand and take the risk to change them, as long as they are still working.

Step 2: Identify and focus on customer value

The next step to establishing lean processes is to identify what brings value to your customer or your company. Does this step include using some kind of device? Could a device be used instead of the current way of providing your product or service? Could a device simplify your customer’s interaction with your company for specific use cases? Then there may be a way that connecting your device to the internet, gathering information, or sharing that information with your customers could boost your sales or the quality of your service.

Step 3: Eliminate waste

The next step of lean thinking is to understand that whatever does not contribute to your business value is waste; and waste should be eliminated. The question to be asked again is if there is equipment or devices used in your processes, or if you could add some to enable minimizing waste and increasing profits. If there is such an option then Internet of Things can be the way to give the most efficient solution for eliminating waste from your business processes.

Step 4: Integrate your business as a whole

Finally, a key principle of lean thinking, for which Internet of Things technology provides a great solution is to integrate your business as a whole. This means that employees, devices, existing information systems and customers are connected to a single process that has as goal to maximize what makes your customers happy and your business valuable.

What we at logicline provide is the development and understanding of the ‚lean way‘ and the technical know-how of integrating your equipment, your data and your customers together through state of the art cloud technologies, agile development and a continuous delivery approach.

Our challenge and invitation: Let’s redefine your customer and product related business processes for the digital age!