For all our ISV customers who did not have the opportunity to visit Dreamforce, we summarized the most relevant news for ISVs. From the technological side, this year there were no announcements of completely new big technologies like e.g. last year with Einstein or Salesforce DX. But actually, the announced new features have the great advantage of already being more available and more concrete.

But before going into the separate topics with more detail, lets perhaps give some motivation to you ISVs why it is a great choice to be part of the Salesforce ecosystem: 87% of all Salesforce customers use apps from AppExchange, with very promising future growth: By 2022, the Salesforce ecosystem is supposed to make 859 billion $ GDP.

Hot ISV topic #1 – AI aka Einstein

Marc Benioff said it himself during the main keynote : Artificial intelligence is the driving force of the 4. industrial revolution! As an ISV, if your product is not already using AI in some way, you should really consider the different ways that the Salesforce platform offers to incorporate Einstein in your App. This could go from the different platform services to the new myEinstein capabilities where the declarative platform features have been extended — build in powerful Einstein features rapidly with low development efforts.

Hot ISV topic #2 – Internet of things

IoT is probably as important as artificial intelligence itself in the 4. industrial revolution, as it provides the data to enable smart algorithms to deliver additional value. With myIoT, the Salesforce IoT cloud is now natively integrated in the Salesforce platform. This allows to leverage the full power of the platform, including rapid no code development empowering business users to build quickly changing business logic, and most importantly bringing device data into the context of customer data offering great value to all stakeholders.

With our expertise of IoT at logicline, we can offer you workshops to discover valuable use cases for the Salesforce IoT capabilities. And we already integrated Salesforce and Heroku with some of our preferred IoT Clouds like Cumulocity.

Hot ISV topic #3 – myTrailhead

The announcement of myTrailhead is probably one of the most exciting, but not the most surprising announcements of this Dreamforce: With the great success and heavy adoption of trailhead by the Salesforce community, it was only a matter of time until it would be opened to the ISVs (and other customers). And there it is: It will be possible to create completely custom new trailheads, even with the according corporate branding of your company.

This will make training of users for your applications so much easier!

Hot ISV topic #4 – Lightning, Lightning, Lightning

If you have been sceptic so far if the usage of lightning really makes sense, it should be the final wakeup call: Lightning adoption is increasing quickly among customers and AppExchange apps, now there are already more than 1200 lightning ready apps. Lightning is becoming „mainstream“, and you do not want to miss it.

And with the newly announced myLightning, customers will even be able to completely brand their Salesforce Orgs along with your apps to their corporate branding. mySalesforce is also following this new personalization mega trend: It will allow you as ISVs to offer mobile apps based on the former Salesforce1 app with custom branding, meaning a completely independent listing in e.g. the Apple appstore. And the great thing about it: It will be low development event for a mobile app that looks completely custom for your product.

Hot ISV topic #5 – Salesforce DX

Even though this topic only affects you indirectly if you are working with a PDO like us, it is still relevant: Salesforce currently invests a lot in improving the developer experience on the Salesforce platform, with one recurring goal: Continuous delivery. Which means for you: Shorter release cycles and quicker delivery because there will be less issues with the tooling.

And even if you are an ISV with independent development resources: We at logicline have a really strong software engineering background, already using the source-driven development paradigm since years. Which means that we can also offer consulting services regarding development processes :-)


In case you got curious now to find out more details, many of the great sessions also were recorded and will soon be available online at Dreamforce Sessions.