Wait, Dreamforce 2018?  Dreamforce 2017 just finished and you are already talking about the next year? Yes, and the humble author of this article thinks that it is the perfect time right now: In the spirit of Kaizen aka continuous improvement what we really live at logicline, we should always inspect and learn from our experience. And this #Dreamforce already being the second one the author attended, I would like to share some useful tips and tricks with you.

1. Plan your schedule carefully

Picking from the more than 3000 available sessions can be really hard, especially if you attend Dreamforce for the first time. Some things that should be considered during planning:

  • Back-to-back sessions hardly work. Plan enough time to get from location to location (if it is a different building, usually around 15 minutes). For popular sessions, be there 15 minutes before to even get in. Simply reserving a space does not guarantee entry because they start to give away free available spaces 10 minutes before the session starts.
  • The quality of sessions vary a lot. Do not only take the title and summary into consideration, but also the speaker and his/her role: This can give a good indication, how deep a session will be and on what level it will be generally settled.
  • Do not fill every last slot! Leave some free space to visit the customer success expo and the different areas in Moscone West for more technical information and really helpful demos.
  • The Salesforce Events Mobile App is a great help to manage your schedule.

2. Arrange customer meetings before

During the event itself, you will be super busy all the time, so organize everything beforehand where it is possible. Also a great way to network and exchange knowledge on particular topics: Braindate! It is a great platform that works really well, but it makes sense also to organize it before.

3. Keynotes

The main keynote and also keynotes featuring celebrities are very popular. If you want to get in, plan to be there at least 30 minutes before, better 45. Technically focused and more specific keynotes, like the developer or ISV keynotes, do not need much buffer before, being there right on spot works.

For a more stress-free way to watch keynotes, the partner lodge in Park Central Hotel is really a good place where important keynotes are shown. But to really make the most of it, simply skip all keynotes, as they are available via Salesforce Live and later also Youtube.

4. Dreamfest

No need to be there too early, even though it helps with quick entrance. After all, musicians still have a different perception of time than business folks ;)


Hopefully, these tips will help you to have an awesome Dreamforce 2018!