Digital Services in Industry

About this Survey

We would like to talk to you about digital services in your company: Do you work in the areas of service, development, product management or business development in mechanical engineering in the broadest sense?

If so, you’ll be interested to hear how other companies are tackling digital services, with what initiatives, what their focus is, where they stand and where they’re investing in the next year. This is exactly what we offer you as a summary – if you help us and participate in the survey!

You can do this completely anonymously, we will provide the report via our website. Or take the chance to win an Amazon voucher if you leave us your data. And among the participants, we are also looking for people who invest about ~45 minutes for a personal interview with us on exactly these topics.

Thank you already for your participation!

Survey Digital Services at Industrial OEMs 2023

Our Report Digital Aftermarket Services 2022

For the 2022 edition of the state-of-the-market report, logicline conducted detailed individual interviews with mechanical engineering companies of various sizes and from various industries to find out about current challenges, expectations, and approaches to solutions in the service sector. How well are companies prepared for these changes?

All the companies involved see great potential in the implementation of digital aftermarket service offerings. Specifically, they hope to:

  • Optimize processes and offerings with a view to digitization
  • Increase the profitability of service offerings
  • Improve customer experience and customer loyalty
  • Strengthen their own market position in the long term

However, companies face a number of challenges in implementing these goals, from internal resistance to data protection to monetization of services. More about the different approaches to solving these challenges in the report: