What is the advantage from the Industrial Internet?

We are always thinking of how we can better help our customers to develop new digital business models and how to help to solve the problems that keep them up at night. Lately, we have heard a lot those two questions:

  • How do I get advantage from the industrial internet and IoT?
  • I don’t want to take big risks but I also don’t want to miss the train. Where should I start the digital transformation from?

The IoT Maturity Check

As a result of these questions, we developed the IoT Maturity Check. It is a tool to measure and map the direction that will give faster results and bigger impact for your business within a consistent improvement strategy.

You are probably thinking: “Sweet words … but what is the Maturity Check?” Let me first quickly tell you our vision of the Industrial IoT so we are on the same page.

We see the industrial internet as an enabler to transform the business and create new opportunities connecting in a smart way people, data and machines. Therefore our approach is to integrate your company and your customers as a whole using cloud technology, powerful analytics and industrial know-how. Another important point is that we tailor the solutions for the specific needs of our customers focusing on their goals.

Discover your IoT future with us

So finally, let’s talk about The Maturity Check! The IoT Maturity Check will:

  • Measure the IoT position of your company (strategy, operations, service, production, etc )
  • Compare the results with the market average
  • Discover the IoT opportunities for your business
  • Showcase of IoT capabilities
  • Give you a roadmap for your digitization activities

What you can expect from us

The results of this IoT Maturity Check combined with our easy approach for digital transformation has been rewarding. We see our customers’ increasing efficiency, improving their customer experience and developing new business models. And it feels great to shape the future of the industry with them.

The IoT Maturity Check was well thought (tested, adjusted and tested again) to enable quick results and lower the investment risk. We inject expertise and agile mindset into our customer’s business and that acts as a catalyzer for the Digital Transformation.

If you want to take this journey let us know. We would be happy to take your business to the next level!

Download our one pager for the Maturity Check:

Step 1 of 5 to IoT Business