Train and value your team

your people are more mission critical than any other success factors

Recruit new “brain workers”. Create an organization structure, which is able to realize   solutions and information system of the future. Don’t try to reach the goal of the digital transformation with a company culture and mindset of a hardware driven world. Start thinking like a start up since as machine builder you are most likely a startup from a professional software perspective.

Software as core competence

Customers will ask for machines or machine components that can be flexibly rearranged without the need for new manual configuration or even worse new programming: boost reusability and efficiency by creating plug & produceable components and subsystems. Or in terms of a production line the core requirement is to reconfigure machine modules and to start production right after the change again: Plug & Produce is the definite goal. The consequences are standardized interfaces and innovative software. Hardware won’t satisfy the changed customer needs. The interfacing machine components will not be able to adapt dynamically. For machine builder the most important issue in a digital market will be to develop, implement and maintain software and IT-systems

Source: Text & image: Lenze

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