Is your company prepared for the digital transformation?

Traditional industries like machine building have it not easy in the digital world. To be successful in the future, you have to be beyond its own nose – but above all: start finally!

Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data – concepts which look good on paper and will be interesting perhaps for the machine building in the remote future. Who believes that, will do a fatal mistake. The digital transformation is in full swing. Innovations are implemented in many places. The fundamental change of the whole industry will not be the day after tomorrow – it happens exactly now.

Check your business model!

Be reminded about the Uber-effect: Asked yourself what might destroy the current business model the fastest way possible in the future – even if it looks like that it is a different market? The core take away is not to resist to the necessary to change but focus on the opportunities which are offered for innovative and open minded companies.

Source: Text & image: Lenze

The digital transformation changes things so dramatically because it has the effect of bridging the gap between former separated technological domains.Production systems are getting more flexible – batch 1 is getting to be a realistic scenario. At the same time cycles of innovations are getting shorter. This accelerate also the change. Due to the acceleration effects of digital technologies the change will be exponential. The one who ignores the development or hesitates, run the risk of setting down in the national or international competition. This shows the latest whiteparer of Lenze: The company has occupied itself with the digital change. The transformation won’t stop for the machine builder in the future.

How can you be successful with Industry 4.0 and industrial IoT in the future?

Read more in the whitepaper “The digital challenge” from Lenze.

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