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Industry 4.0 learnings – 4 tips to succeed

By |2018-03-29T10:29:16+01:0028. May 2018|Cloud & SaaS, Internet of Things|

The “industrial internet” has become a common term, everyone is talking about. Companies know they have to focus on it and maybe your boss told you to look at. Despite the fact we see everywhere IoT, industrial internet, industry 4.0 etc. Based on my interactions with many manager of industrial companies my impression is: [...]

The easy entrance to the IoT Business

By |2017-09-10T16:09:39+01:004. September 2017|Cloud & SaaS, Internet of Things|

What is the advantage from the Industrial Internet? We are always thinking of how we can better help our customers to develop new digital business models and how to help to solve the problems that keep them up at night. Lately, we have heard a lot those two questions: How do I get advantage [...]

Heroku Enterprise: integrate Salesforce Clouds with Heroku Connect

By |2015-12-28T12:00:48+01:0028. December 2015|Cloud & SaaS, Heroku, Salesforce|

How Align Technology Uses Features for its Customer Engagement from Heroku Enterprise In this webinar, the team of Align Technology and Heroku covers: Live demo and best practices for managing agile enterprise app development with Heroku Enterprise How Align Technology builds and runs invisalign.com and their broader customer app portfolio with Heroku Integration of Heroku Enterprise [...]

Eine etwas technischere Betrachtung von Heroku – über Procfiles, Dynos und Slugs

By |2016-12-11T11:54:32+01:0026. November 2015|Cloud & SaaS, Heroku, TECHtalk|

[Dieser Beitrag erschien ursprünglich in Englisch.] Wenn man in "früheren" Tagen eine Web-Applikation entwickeln wollte, musste man sich schon um einiges kümmern: Entwickler mussten sich zusammen mit den  Systemadministratoren überlegen, wie sie ihre Anwendungen lauffähig machen, darauf achten, dass alle Einflussfaktoren bedacht wurden und zudem den Kosten- und Zeitfaktor im Auge behalten.  Mittlerweile gibt es [...]

A more technical look at Heroku – about Procfiles, Dynos and the slug

By |2015-11-17T21:43:46+01:0017. November 2015|TECHtalk|

In the early days of web application deployment, everything was very much a homegrown affair: developers and system administrators had to figure out a lot of how things were working together themselves, worry about the things they had missed and also considering the expenses and time consumption. As time rolled on, more and more tools [...]