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Heroku is an ecosystem of cloud services, which can be used to instantly extend applications with fully-managed services. Using an existing, high-quality service is something that empowers developers – they can build more, faster, by using trusted services that provide the functionality that they require.

Heroku Add-ons are fully-managed services, integrated for use with Heroku. They can be provisioned and scaled in one command, and let developers extend the capabilities of an application. Over 140 Add-ons are available, providing services ranging from databases to uptime alerts, messaging services or automatic backups to search, metrics or mail delivery.

A Focus on Apps

logicline is Heroku Value Added Reseller (VAR) and system integration partner with focus on the German speaking (DACH) region. We also provide add-ons and buttons for areas like big machine data analytics, customer and self-service web portals, and more.
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Heroku and Force.com – Salesforce App Cloud is our #1 Enterprise Cloud Platform

Seamless Heroku and Salesforce Data Synchronization

Heroku is tightly integrated with Salesforce – providing seamless Heroku and Salesforce data synchronization, enabling companies to architect innovative apps that span both platforms.

Some enterprises go even further – storing and integrating with customer data in Salesforce enables full-cycle CRM engagement. Heroku provides seamless Heroku Postgres and Salesforce Data synchronization, enabling organisations to go beyond the usual data architectures and combine the capabilities of the Force.com and Heroku platforms.

Heroku Connect

Heroku Connect syncs hundreds of millions of Salesforce with your Heroku Enterprise applications in near real time, without a single line of integration code. A simple point and click dashboard maps Salesforce Objects to a Heroku Postgres for powerful and robust data integrations at scale.

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Ideas and Concepts

Enterprises want to connect with their customers, but when choosing a platform to do so, have heightened business requirements around collaboration, control, and confidence.

Heroku Enterprise combines the features that these large companies need, with the core Heroku experience that developers love. With Heroku Enterprise we deliver a superior customer experience that’s integrated with their Salesforce Clouds.

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Heroku Add-ons for Internet-of-Things, Big Machine Data Analytics, Customer Portals, Loyalty Apps

We extended Heroku with Add-ons, customized application templates so our customers can jumpstart their projects with Buttons.

Cumulocity is our preferred Device Cloud Platform to connect and manage your machines effortlessly, so you can focus on your business’s value adding services! Cumulocity is open, application centric and free-to-try which allows you to prove your end-to-end business concept quickly with a handful of things and rapidly scale your deployment as you connect millions with telco grade reliability. Our Cumulocity add-on for Heroku is a jump start into your IoT projects.

Gain Your Data, Gain Your Business! The Synop Analyzer on Heroku Add-on allows ad hoc discovery of hidden patterns in your data or to create forecasts. Heroku provides the scalability from single-user apps to globally distributed data intelligence apps. The Synop applications are focused on the analysis of IoT, machine, engineering, transactional and customer data. With the interactivity provided by the apps not only specialized data science experts, but also business users are enabled to raise hidden treasures of data.

Provide your customers with a responsive web portal for self-service or loyalty apps: this Heroku Button is a template designed to provide a branded, responsive, mobile-friendly customer self-service, loyalty app or field service experience. All your customer data is managed within Salesforce. This app illustrates how data is being published to a web portal, where it can be edited and pushed back to Salesforce via Heroku Connect.

Focus on your business: The Heroku developer experience is an app-centric approach for software delivery, integrated with today’s most popular developer tools and workflows. You’ld like to see more? We’re your partner to jump start, implement and support your Heroku projects! Just call or email.

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Free Heroku Button with template for simple customer portal