My first Salesforce (SF) Bootcamp in Frankfurt, Germany.

At the beginning of June I have been at my first Salesforce Bootcamp. I got to know a bunch of inspiring and interesting people and it was really awesome to get my picture of Salesforce more and more complete.

But what has logicline to do with Salesforce? Well, logicline is already working with Salesforce since 2010 and is an accredited Salesforce PDO (Product Development Partner). Furthermore logicline realizes custom-fitting Enterprise Cloud Applications – integrated with already existing ones – using the Salesforce Platform or the Salesforce App Cloud with and Heroku (logicline is also Heroku VAR (Value Added Reseller). To enable an ideal use of Salesforce Apps logicline offers consultancy, implementation and support and configures the client’s instance fitting to the requirements, develops business processes suitable to the parameters and integrates other applications.

But let’s focus on the Bootcamp: after a short welcome, an introduction of all hosts and some general information about Salesforce we received an exciting team-exercize. The challenge was to tell a story including all of the 8 Salesforce Core Differentiators . So let’s start the storytelling – join my journey to success with the FORCEIDA:


Join me on my journey to CS beach

Now finally it’s getting warmer in Germany, everyone is dreaming of the beach and a cooling jump into the water, so why not travel to the Customer Success beach (CS beach) ( 1.)?

That’s where our flagship FORCEIDA will lead us fast and safe. But how does Capt’n Benioff assure a safe journey? Well the FORCEIDA commits to the highest security standards, provides full transparency to their fellow passengers (3.) and it also contains the strongest machines (6.). Therefore FORCEIDA is known as the leader in the Cloudsea (2.) and ensures a 5 times faster transport from A to CS beach (6.).

What’s the passengers benefit?

To focus on the passenger’s comfort FORCEIDA offers seperate cabinets with different standards to fulfill every need. So while traveling on the ocean the passengers can focus on relaxing and enjoying the comfortable trip to CS beach (4.). On top every passenger can choose his or her own package of offers the FORCEIDA provides by buying variable tickets, combinations and accesses to different areas. Therefore every passenger can create his or her individual and personal traveling story (5.).

As FORCEIDA’s motto is „Aloha“ this means to be genuine, inclusive, caring, and compassionate, enjoying a healthy dose of fun and treating those around like family. That’s why also other guests are very welcome at the FORCEIDA flagship. To welcome other visitors and to enable the fellow passengers to visit countries or islands during the trip, the FORCEIDA-crew created an App Deck where an AppExchange helicopter can land and in addition the API-ladder gives access to every port. This allows the access to other useful extensions a passengers on the FORCEIDA could need and a strong exchange of know-how and expertise, so that every one can benefit from helping each other, learn, grow and succeed (7.).

That means that all in all the journey with FORCEIDA is focussed on elating their passengers and offering them a perfect, comfortable and unforgettable trip to CS beach.

„Aloha hej“. I hope you enjoyed our little trip!

The eight Salesforce Core Differentiators in full length

To explain the eight Salesforce Core Differentiators in full extend I also want to give you a short overview about them:

1.) Customer Success Customer Success: One of Salesforce’s most important goals is to elate customers. That’s why SF’s business model is built around him/her and around his/her success. SF therefore is dedicated to helping customers grow more successful over time and has teams of success experts and partners who accelerate that success.


Cloud Leader2.) Cloud Leader: Four years in a row Forbes named Salesforce as th „most Innovative Company“ and SF itself says they were born Cloud. They go for positive change through ground-breaking technology and a business model designed for change.


Trusted Cloud3.) Trusted Cloud: Through a full transparence and access to real-time information on the system performance, availability and security Saleforce satisfies the most demanding customer’s expectations. SF trusts in everything they do – so do they’re customers.


Multitenancy4.) Multitenancy: Salesforce runs all infrastructure and services so customers can focus on running their business. That’s the idea of a platform of a service (PaaS).



Bild1Metadata-Driven5.) Metadata-Driven: Because of a scalable Metadata-Platform upgrades are possible without breaking the customizations. The connection to other data is easy and APIs allow customers to unlock value from legacy data and systems.


6Fast Dev & Cust.) Fast Development & Customization: App building with Salesforce is 5 times faster because of configurable modules who enable citizen developers to build apps with clicks not code (point-and-click app-building). Therefore it is possible for the IT to deliver more rapid innovation to the business.


7OPen Ecosystem.) Open Ecosystem: The Appexchange is the Playstore or App store for Business Apps. Over 1.500 ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners have built apps that anyone with a Salesforce license can download and install. Customer solutions are extended with apps for just about any business need. ISVs, SIs ( Sistem Integrator), Service Providers, and a community of experts have a multiplier effect on innovation and speed.


8Complete CRM.) Complete CRM: Unique solutions grow with customer’s needs. Salesforce offers connected apps for Sales, Marketing, Community, Analytics and Custom Apps which enable unique, evolving solutions centered arround the customer’s customer.


Now I hope you could get a good overview about Salesforce and the arguments why this CRM is indispensable for your company.

If you would like to get further information about logicline’s focus developping custom-fit Enterprise Apps on the Salesforce App Cloud please contact us!